Pelham First Baptist Church

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Volleyball Registration is Open

Registration for the 2020 volley ball season is now open.  

We are partnering with Fairview Baptist Church in Greer to host coed play.  Registration is open to coed teams composed of males and females ages 16 and older. Six players on the court at one time with three being male and three being female.

Games will be played on Thursday nights at Pelham First Baptist and at Fairview Baptist Church beginning March 5th.
Season will be 8 games.

There will be a limit of 12 teams.

Teams will NOT be assigned to individual registrants, you must have your team already formed upon registration. So each person must list all members of their team on their registration.(see registration form for details) Each player must register individually. (Eight is a good number for a team but you can have a team of six) All players must be registered in and on the roster for season play.

Net height will be men's height.

Cost per team is $200.00
Each team must all wear matching jerseys with no duplicated numbers on corresponding teams. Cost of jerseys is $25.00

Deadline to pay the $200.00 team entry and the $25.00 per jersey fee is January 26, 2020.

Please click here to to register!